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the bottled weakness solutions

Few In STOCK Discount !



Scented paste 5 gram

bottle 50.png

Spray Bottle 
30ml / 50ml / 100ml

bottle non spray 50.png

Non Spray Bottle 

bottle nonspray 100.png

Non Spray Bottle 

Scented Solutions 

Eau de Toilette

All scents can provide :

10ml EDT

30ml EDT 

50ml EDT

100ml Room & Body Mist

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We provide SOLUTIONS for your daily life

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Pillow Mist

An alcohol-free spray, that you can spray on your pillow, on your clothes, or even use as a room spray ❤︎

DSicovery Set

We provide -Mini Discovery Set-  &  -Top Pick Ten- discovery set for scents try-out!

20% off Big Bottle for sample purchased!!!!

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